CSSF Category Awards: 2014
Aerodynamics/ Hydrodynamics

Junior Division


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J0111 — First Place
Alisa Y. Hathaway, Grade 8
Improving Aerodynamic Drag by Altering the Shape of a Pickup Truck Tailgate
Advisor: Mrs. Andrea Acres
School: Ridgecrest Intermediate School, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County
J0109 — Second Place
Aeden P. Gasser-Brennan, Grade 7
How Flaps on the Underside of a Wing Affect Its Aerodynamic Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. Carlos Lauchu
School: Millikan Middle School, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles County
J0102 — Third Place
Travis R. Campbell, Grade 8
Evan M. Green, Grade 8
Just Winging It
Advisor: Ms. Diana Skiles
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside, Humboldt County
J0107 — Fourth Place
Johanna E. Dickie, Grade 8
How Does Aperture Size Affect the Velocity and Distance of a Mechanically Created Toroidal Vortex Ring?
Advisor: Ms. Mirna Rivera
School: Blair International Baccalaureate School, Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J0106 — Honorable Mention
Landon R. Creighton, Grade 7
Engineering Rocket Science: Can I Make a Small Scale Oxyhydrogen Powered Rocket Launcher?
Advisor: Mr. James Creighton
School: Monarch Academy, Moreno Valley, Riverside County
J0120 — Honorable Mention
R. C. Christian Rhodes, Grade 8
Cade M. Whitaker, Grade 8
Does the Design of a Glider Wing Affect the Distance of Flight?
Advisor: Mr. Dan Vilotti
School: St. Mary of the Angels, Ukiah, Mendocino County

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