CSSF Category Awards: 2014
Applied Mechanics & Structures

Junior Division


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J0313 — First Place
Bridget J. Macmillan, Grade 8
The Effect of the Mount Point of a Parachute on the Ride Height of an Acura RSX Land Speed Vehicle
Advisor: Mr. Derek Lefkowith
School: St. John Fisher, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County
J0328 — Second Place
Dylon M. Tjanaka, Grade 7
Using Active Tilt Compensation to Improve Rollover Stability of Large Trucks
Advisor: Mr. Willy Tjanaka
School: Don Callejon School, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County
J0301 — Third Place
Eris D. Albert-Minckler, Grade 8
How Do Structures of Rigid Eggshells Affect Their Strengths and How Can This Be Used in Designing Temporary Shelters?
Advisor: Ms. Mirna Rivera
School: Blair International Baccalaureate School, Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J0321 — Fourth Place
Leonardo E. Pena, Grade 7
Human vs. Robot
Advisor: Mrs. Evelyn Urbiztondo
School: St. Rose of Lima School, Chula Vista, San Diego County
J0304 — Honorable Mention
Amy F. Domae, Grade 8
Designing Stronger Lightweight Support Columns
Advisor: Mr. John Briner
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim, Orange County
J0309 — Honorable Mention
Nicholas A. Hern, Grade 8
Treads or Wheels? The More Efficient Option
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County
J0314 — Honorable Mention
Henry A. Mason, Grade 8
Make It or Break It: How Do Different Filaments and Fill Patterns Affect the Strength of a 3D Printed Object?
Advisor: Mr. Gary Kreeger
School: San Carlos Elementary School, Monterey, Monterey County
J0323 — Honorable Mention
Tyler E. Robertson, Grade 7
Commotion in the Ocean: The Effect of Wave Barriers on Tsunami-Induced Seiche Waves
Advisor: Mrs. Reggie McLean
School: Kastner (George W.) Intermediate School, Fresno, Fresno County

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