CSSF Category Awards: 2014
Environmental Science

Senior Division


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S1108 — First Place
Stacey S. Dojiri, Grade 12
Kelly Y. Woo, Grade 12
The Potential Impact of Hyperion Treatment Plant's Effluent on the Coastal Environment: Science Influencing Management
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles County
S1113 — Second Place
Adithi R. Iyer, Grade 10
The Effects of Common Californian Soil Treatments on Arbuscular mycorrhizal Succession in Nassella pulchra Specimens
Advisor: Ms. Crystal Cooper
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1115 — Third Place
Sandeep Kambhampati, Grade 9
A Novel DNA Electrochemical Biosensor for the Detection of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Ecosystems
Advisor: Mr. Joseph Huber
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1116 — Fourth Place
Dhuvarakesh Karthikeyan, Grade 10
MFCs Reloaded: A Novel Bio-Augmented Design to Enhance MFC Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. Karthikeyan Muthuramalingam
School: California High School, San Ramon, Contra Costa County
S1109 — Honorable Mention
Emma R. Freedman, Grade 9
Sustainable Future for Endangered Species? Predicting the Impacts of the Wilmar Policy on Bornean Orangutan Populations
Advisor: Dr. David Bernick
School: Meadowridge Homeschool, Corralitos, Santa Cruz County
S1110 — Honorable Mention
Julie A. Fukunaga, Grade 10
Autonomous Solar-Powered Boat for Algae Control
Advisor: Dr. Gerald Oliver
School: Tokay High School, Lodi, San Joaquin County
S1123 — Honorable Mention
Neel R. Patel, Grade 11
The Effect of Different Concentrations of Caffeine on the Production of Electricity from a Microbial Battery
Advisor: Ms. Glendy Ramirez-De La Cruz
School: Bravo (Francisco) Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
S1128 — Honorable Mention
Nathaniel B. Tweed, Grade 11
Clean Water for a Thirsty Third World 2
Advisor: Mrs. Dawn Reed
School: Bakersfield Christian High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
S1129 — Honorable Mention
Daniela Vainer, Grade 11
Cyanobacteria: A Renewable Energy Source
Advisor: Dr. Jane Willoughby
School: San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
S1135 — Honorable Mention
Amy Zhang, Grade 10
The Phytoremediation of Zinc by Lemna minor
Advisor: Ms. Tiffany Yen
School: Saratoga High School, Saratoga, Santa Clara County

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