2015 California State Science Fair
Projects by Fair


The following table lists the projects recorded in the CSSF database to date according to the fair which they represent. This table is believed to be a correct representation for each listed fair, though it is not at this point an official count. The identified fair is initially the fair claimed by each applicant in his/her application. As this is sometimes in error, corrections are made as the eligibility of each applicant is verified. Persons interested in the likelihood of alternates or late applications being accepted from a particular fair should compare the total project count with the allocation for that fair listed in the final column.

Fair Project
Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair 24 17
Calaveras County Science Fair 2 6
Central California Regional Science, Math, & Engineering Fair 65 57
Chico Science Fair 4 6
Contra Costa County Science & Engineering Fair 22 14
Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair 100 97
Humboldt County Science Fair 18 18
Kern County Science Fair 54 43
Lassen County Science Fair 5 6
Los Angeles County Science Fair 108 104
Mendocino County Science Fair 17 14
Monterey County Science Fair 23 22
Nevada County Science Fair 6 6
Orange County Science & Engineering Fair 87 89
Placer County STEM Expo 7 6
RIMS Inland Science & Engineering Fair 65 64
Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair 11 14
San Benito County Science Fair 6 6
San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair 21 23
San Joaquin County Science Fair 5 7
San Mateo Science, Math, & Technology Fair 45 36
Santa Barbara Science Fair 25 24
Santa Cruz County Science & Engineering Fair 33 40
Solano County Science Fair 1 6
Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship 120 97
Synopsys Sonoma County Science Fair 9 6
Tulare County Science Fair 7 6
Tuolumne County Science Fair 3 6
Ventura County Science Fair 44 42

Please note that this table lists only those fairs with at least one project representing it already in the database.

The “Project Count” includes all projects from each fair, regardless of whether a submitted project is qualified or on the fair's alternates list, and regardless of whether or not deadlines have been met. In the case of team projects, the submission date for the project is the earliest submission date of all members of the team (and similarly for payment of the Application Fee). Where the count exceeds a fair's allocation given next to it, projects from that fair will be accepted only up to that allocation. Please note that unutilized allocations from one affiliate will not be transferred to any other affiliate.

All projects which are not accepted owing to the affiliated fair's allocation being exceeded will be contacted directly as soon as the final count for that fair is confirmed. This will occur on each fair's Decision Date, 14 days after the corresponding Application Deadline or Sunday, May 3, whichever comes first.

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