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Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The University of Southern California is proudly pluralistic and firmly committed to providing equal opportunity for outstanding men and women of every race, creed, and background.

This University is also firmly committed to complying with all applicable laws and governmental regulations at the federal, state and local levels that prohibit discrimination, or that mandate that special consideration be given, on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, Vietnam veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that may from time to time be specified in such laws and regulations. This good faith effort to comply is made even when such laws and regulations conflict with each other.

USC strives to build a community in which each person respects the rights of other people to be proud of who and what they are, to live and work in peace and dignity, and to have an equal opportunity to realize their full potential as individuals and members of society. To this end the University places great emphasis on those values and virtues that bind us together as human beings and members of the Trojan Family.

From the Faculty Handbook, Section 3-13:

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USC Policies
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Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (Faculty Handbook Section 3-13)(PDF)
President's Letter on Sexual Harassment
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