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More About USC Faculty

Science, mathematics and technology

Tony Maxworthy won the Taylor Medal in Fluid Mechanics.

Provost C.L. Max Nikias was awarded the IEEE Simon Ramo Medal.

Arbib.jpg The thrust of University Professor Michael Arbib's work is expressed in the title of his first book, Brains, Machines and Mathematics.

Bekey.jpg University Professor George Bekey is a veteran roboticist.

Jon Postel, a leading figure in computer networking, initiated the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Other USC internet pioneers included Keith Uncapher and Paul Mockapetris.

Barry Boehm was a software economics expert and inventor of the COCOMO method for estimating a software project.

SCECNSF_logo.gif University Professor Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, has made major discoveries about the three-dimensional structure of the Earth's interior.

Chemist Arthur Adamson, at USC from 1946 through 1989, was recognized by the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Chemists.

Masayasu Nomura was a noted researcher in microbiology and molecular genetics.

Mark Kac, twice winner of the Chauvenet Prize, pioneered the modern development of mathematical probability, particularly its applications to statistical physics.

Boris Rozovskii researches stochastic processes and random fields.

willard_geer.jpg j0439006.jpg Physics professor Willard Geer invented the Geer color tube in the early 1950's, making color TV possible.

Life sciences

Influential and innovative neuroanatomist Larry Swanson is among the 100 most-cited scientists in the world for all fields in a decade.

Tavare_gene_sequencing.jpg Leaders of research in the life sciences include microbiologist Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, Distinguished Professor and vice president of the Academia Sinica; toxicologist Jean Shih, University Professor; and Myron Goodman, who studies genetic mutation. Computational biologist Simon Tavaré is most famous for using gene sequences to trace the lineage of a cell, individual or species.

Several faculty are highly-honored cancer researchers. Distinguished Professor Brian Henderson, dean of the Keck School of Medicine, is a leading authority in cancer epidemiology and has conducted ground-breaking research on the influence of hormones and genetic factors.

Distinguished Professor Peter Jones is a world leader of basic cancer research.

Distinguished Professor Alexandra Levine is an expert in hematological cancers and the diagnosis and treatment of HIV-associated lymphomas.

Leslie_Bernstein.jpg Leslie Bernstein has a broad cancer epidemiology research program and is an eminent expert on the effect of exercise in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Distinguished Professor Vaughn Starnes, cardiothoracic surgeon, is a recognized expert in heart and lung transplants, repair of congenital heart defects, and heart surgery in children and newborns.

Donald Skinner is a pioneeer in the surgical treatment of bladder cancer. Ronald Ross's research in preventive medicine has earned a lifetime total of over $200 million in extramural support.

Richard Bing was hailed as one of the great cardiologists of our time; his work laid the foundation for modern PET scanning.

Wm_Schwartz_book.jpg Internist and medical economist William Schwartz was an expert on national health policy.

Joan Hodgman was an influential pediatrician who helped define the standards for newborn care throughout the world. In 1961, she organized a newborn intensive care unit; within 10 years, her efforts resulted in a 50 percent decrease in the infant mortality rate.

Occupational scientist Florence Clark developed the concept of "lifestyle redesign."

Telfer Reynolds, award-winning liver specialist who first described Reynolds' syndrome, was appointed to the faculty in 1954 and still volunteering at his death in 2004.

.ear_anatomy.gifHoward House, founder of the House Ear Institute, was head of the Otolaryngology Department in the 1950's. He perfected the wire loop technique to replace the stapes bone of the middle ear, and developed procedures to reconstruct middle ear parts

Rex Ingraham was named "International Dentist of the Year," and was honored at USC's centennial.

Dudley Glick was one of the founders of the American Association of Endodontics, and Julio Endelman was one of the 26 dentists who created the American College of Dentists.

The first craniofacial biology graduate program was created by Harold Slavkin, and Malcolm Snead was the first to clone a human dental gene.

dummett.jpg Periodontist Clifton Dummett is known for many firsts, including becoming the youngest dental dean in the U.S., at age 28, at Meharry Medical College.

Eugene Sekiguchi, faculty member since 1974, was president of the American Dental Association.

Culture and USC Arts

The creative work of USC professors has won acclaim, including that of novelist Percival Everett, author and poet Carol Muske-Dukes, and artist Ruth Weisberg.

Lois Banner is a leading feminist author.

Composer and critic Halsey Stevens was program annotator for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Other eminent music faculty members have included pianist John Crown and cellist Gabor Rejto.

Famed violinist Midori Goto is an active member of the Thronton faculty.

Conductor Daniel Lewis was named a Distinguished Professor.

Tommy Johnson, a renowned tuba player, was best known for performing in the ³Jaws² score. Former students of his are principal tuba players of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony.

William de Mille and John Houseman each led what is now the School of Theatre.

Acting teacher Duncan Ross was a direct competitor of Lee Strasberg's "American Method."

Endesha Ida Mae Holland was best known for her play about civil rights in the US, From the Mississippi Delta.

Charlotte Cornwall is famed for her acting as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre.

Anna Deveare Smith, who revolutionized performance art, had her first university appointment at USC.

Beside the many members of the faculty of Cinematic Arts who have won Oscars, anthropologist Barbara Myerhoff was an Oscar-winning documentarian.

USC has had many noted scholars of culture. University Professor Leo Braudy is a leading film critic and repeated finalist for national book awards.

University Professor Marshall Cohen, who was dean of the College, studies international ethics, moral philosophy, judicial ethics and film criticism, and was the founding editor of Philosophy and Public Affairs.

University Professor Marsha Kinder, an associate vice provost, is a noted cultural theorist and prolific film scholar.

University Professor Irwin Lieb was a noted philosopher of time and provost and dean of the College.

University Professor John Orr was a scholar of religion and dean of education.

John Hospers, who was director of the school of philosophy, was the first presidential candidate of the U.S. Libertarian Party.

Harold Von Hofe was an expert on German exile literature.

Documentarian Mark Jonathan Harris has won three Oscars, for Huelga, best short subject; The Long Way Home, best documentary-feature; and Into the Arms of Strangers: Kindertransport, best documentary-feature.

Wilbur Blume won an Oscar in 1955 for his short subject, The Face of Lincoln.

In 1960, Sol Lesser was awarded the special Oscar known as the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Judy Irola produced Northern Lights which won the Camera d’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and An Ambush of Ghosts which won the Sundance Film Festival's cinematography award.

Lawrence Turman has been honored by the Producers Guild of America.

Social science and the professions

Economist Todd Sandler applies game theory and microeconomics to issues in international relations.

Dean of social work Arlien Johnson, who joined USC in 1939, was a well-known social work educator, social policy expert, and social reformer.

Past Distinguished Professors include geographer John Weaver and political scientist C. S. Whitaker, who was dean of social science.

Former vice president Michael Diamond, who had been dean of the Levanthal School of Accounting, has been included twice on lists of the 100 most influential people in accounting.

Journalism professor Roy Copperud's writings on American usage and style are still influential.

Landscape architect Alfred Caldwell was the last of the Prairie School; the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is considered one of the most important historic landscapes in Chicago.

Dean Emmet Wemple was another noted landscape architect.

Christopher Stone's Do Trees have Rights? is one of the most influential legal articles of the century.

University Professor James Strnad was an expert in tax law and finance.

Erwin Chemerinsky was among the 20 most-cited U.S. legal scholars, and Gary Bellow was honored as the outstanding legal services lawyer in the nation. Richard Epstein, one of the top legal academics of the last half of the 20th century, began his career at USC.

Former law faculty who have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences include Robert Ellickson, Richard Epstein, Joseph Raz, Judith Resnik, Alan Schwartz, and Mark Tushnet.

Edward McCaffery, Eric Talley, Epstein and Schwartz are on SSRN's list of top 100 current law authors.

Zeo-Vonna Palmrose is one of only three academics to be honored twice with the Wildman Medal of the American Accounting Assocation.

Konrad Wachsman, an internationally recognized authority on prefabrication, was the Director of the Institute for Building Research from 1963 to his death in 1981.

Dean of Architecture Robert Harris chaired the committee that formulated the Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan.

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