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Henri R. Ford lebovic.jpg henderson.jpg pohost.jpg
Henri R. Ford, chief of surgery at
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Gail Lebovic, leading breast surgeon Brian Henderson, Distinguished Professor, former head of Salk Institute Gerald Pohost
cardiovascular specialist

Health Sciences Campus Faculty

USC's 17 professional schools -- including the Independent Health Professions, the Keck School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry, and the School of Pharmacy -- conduct wide-ranging research, offer clinical service of the highest calibre, and provide a diverse array of academic offerings to USC students. Master's, doctoral and professional students can earn degrees in 139 areas of study.

Service and Governance
Clinical Service
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In preparing research proposals, and conducting research properly and ethically, you may work with:
Keck School of Medicine Office of Scientific Affairs
Department of Contracts and Grants
Office of Technology Licensing
Health Research Association

Among key regulatory bodies for research are:
Department of Animal Resources and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
USC Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (for human subjects review)
Office of Safety and Risk Management
Scientific Conduct Committee
Office of Compliance (Help and Hotline to assist in assuring that the Governmental and University compliance requirements are met)

For aid on your proposals, you can consult:
Norris Medical Library Grants Resources
Office of Foundation Relations
Funding Opportunities