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Frank Baxter
first President of the University Senate
Robert Biller, first dean, School of Policy, Planning and Development Margaret Morehouse,
biochemist and nutritionist at USC 1929-1972.
Tully Knowles
history professor, 1917
Featured Resources

Retired Faculty, and
Faculty Considering Retirement

Income Replacement

USC Benefits: Retirement Programs
To provide income replacement after retirement, plans that provide you a funded, vested, portable account -- with USC contributing each month 10% of your salary to your account, matching your contribution 2 for 1.

Health and Long Term Care Insurance

USC Senior Care
To address health care needs for USC retirees, an excellent Medicare supplement plan.

Long Term Care Insurance

Benefits and Services

Other USC Benefits for Retirees

Emeriti Center and Emeriti College

List of Privileges for Retired Faculty ("Gold Card")

USC Employee Benefits and Resources

Disability Benefits
For active employees who are disabled

The Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Continued Academic Activity

Post-retirement continued teaching or research
See paragraph on Emeritus Faculty in Section 4(B)-2 of the Faculty Handbook.

Emeriti Center
  • Continued membership in the academic community through the retiree Gold Card, offering privileges such as
    • parking
    • email
    • library, and
    • discounts.
  • Volunteer opportunities and honors to individuals for volunteer service.
  • Retirement information and referrals.
  • Advocacy for the enrichment of retirement years.

Emeriti College of the Emeriti Center
Advances the continuing intellectual interests of retirees by

  • awarding research grants and undergraduate assistantships,
  • providing opportunities for teaching and mentoring,
  • providing opportunitis for consultation and community lecturing.

It honors individuals for their continued scholarly production.

Retired and active faculty are invited to participate in activities of the Emeriti Center and Emeriti College.

Retired Faculty Association
An independent organization, sponsors social and scholarly events for its members and administers the Caldwell Scholarship and selection of Lifetime Achievement honorees.

Volunteer Opportunities

National Resources for Retirement Planning

A number of external organizations and websites (not sponsored or guaranteed by USC) offer information or assistance:

Advice columns from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Makes available an individualized illustration of your retirement annuity.

To compare your post-retirement income with your pre-retirement income, you would adjust the TIAA-CREF annuity figure to reflect any funds you have outside TIAA-CREF, your receipt of Social Security payments, the cessation of Social Security and Medicare taxation on your salary, the cessation of the 5% deducted from your salary towards your pension contribution, and any changes in your expenses after you retire. One study suggested trying to have a post-retirement income that will replace 75% of your pre-retirement income if you were earning $70,000, 76% if you were earning $90,000, and $85% if you were earning $150,000, but individual situations will differ.

Fidelity Planning Center
Offers a range of information

Yahoo! Finance Planning Center
Offers information for those nearing retirement, and those already retired, and information on choosing a retirement location, retirement and health, and long-term care insurance

A brief sampling of the many other online resources (not sponsored or guaranteed by USC) for thinking about retirement include: