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Sarah and David Bottjer, both fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Zekiye Selvili and her husband Oguzhan Ozbas, both at the Marshall School of Business.

Pamela Starr of the School of International Relations and her husband Roberto Suro of the Annenberg School of Journalism.

Dual Careers

As President Nikias has written to all faculty, "USC strives to provide an environment where dual-career couples can meet their professional objectives while striking a balance between family life and career demands. Doing so is important to USC's success in building and nurturing an outstanding faculty.

Jennie_Allen_Bovard2.jpg Bovard_Marion2.jpg "Support for dual careers has been part of USC's heritage from the start. Among our first faculty in 1880 were a couple, Jennie Allen Bovard, Professor of English Language, and Marion McKinley Bovard, Professor of Moral, Mental and Natural Sciences and USC's first president.

'When two outstanding partners are interested in USC, we understand the competitive advantage that being able to hire both partners offers to us; therefore our deans try to work together to pursue outstanding partners when it makes sense for their programs....

'If a position at USC isn't right for both partners, we try to facilitate looking for a position in the region. Los Angeles is one of the best areas in the country for spouses or partners who have dual careers. We often can provide leads to identifying opportunities through our Trojan Family network of alumni connections, or with other academic, research or business institutions in the Los Angeles area." See the section below on Seeking Employment.

Moving to Los Angeles

  • Relocation advice

    The Faculty & Staff Housing website gives information on *the Neighborhood Homeownership Program, *Faculty & Staff Housing Program, the University-owned *McCulloch Townhomes, *Relocation Assistance Program, and *Real Estate Available for Lease or Sale.

    Quest and Firstline Mobility are relocation assistance services with which the university contracts. They can provide community information, information on real estate, schools, childcare, eldercare, transportation, diversity, cultural amenities, spiritual communities, recreation, entertainment, etc. For information on the relocation services, contact your dean's office, or Kathy Logan (213) 821-2829, in the USC Real Estate Office.

    The relocation services, or other university-approved vendors, offer special pricing on moving household goods.

    The dean can sometimes support advance visits to the Los Angeles area by the couple, to review various neighborhoods.

  • Discovering Los Angeles

    The web page on Essential Guide for New Faculty gives information including * Getting Started at USC, * L.A. Orientation Guides, * Getting Around, * Discovering Neighborhoods and Buying a Home, * Schools for Kids, and * Life on Campus.

Seeking employment

  • Positions at USC

    • Seeking an academic position at USC

      As President Nikias wrote, "If both spouses or partners are seeking academic appointments at USC, the process is highly individualized. Recruits should contact the dean, or the associate dean of faculty, within their school to develop strategies for seeking a position."

      In addition, a number of USC departments and schools post faculty openings on their own websites.

      Deans can make use of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs to facilitate discussions with deans of other USC schools when that is appropriate to explore an academic appointment for the spouse or partner of a new recruit.

    • USC Jobs website.

      All USC staff and administrative openings are posted on-line through jobs@USC, the online portal for applications. USC is the largest private employer in Los Angeles.

      Sometimes advice can be offered in the areas of résumé/curriculum vitae critiques, cover letter assistance, community/networking resources, coaching on interviewing techniques, job search resource materials, career coaching, or coaching on salary negotiation.

    • USC policy

      As an Equal Opportunity employer, the University does not discriminate in hiring. Having a family or other intimate relationship to a present or prospective faculty member is in no way a bar to employment. One family member should not be the direct supervisor of the other, as explained in the policy on personal conflicts of interest, see Section 3-G of the Faculty Handbook.

  • Academic positions throughout the region

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    The Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, HERC, of which USC is a member, is a collaboration of public and private schools, colleges, and universities that helps spouses and partners find positions at regional member institutions. Their website has a large list of faculty openings in member institutions throughout the region, including several University of California campuses, Caltech, the Claremont Colleges, Occidental College, University of Redlands, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The California Universities Consortium is another combined list of faculty openings in several local universities.

    In addition, the California State University has separate listings of faculty employment opportunities for its campuses at Los Angeles, Northridge, and Long Beach.

    Imediately adjacent to USC is Hebrew Union College, sharing a number of faculty and students. Another close neighbor is Mount Saint Mary's College [speak to Sarah Johnson, assistant to the provost, about academic positions.]

    Other well-known institutions include Whittier College, the American Jewish University (formerly the University of Judaism), California Lutheran University, and Marymount College .

    California has an excellent system of two-year colleges, including Santa Monica College, Pasadena City College, the nine campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District, and Glendale Community College.

    Art, music, architecture schools in the area, in addition to those within universities, include CalArts, the Colburn School, Art Center College of Design, the Art Institute of California, Otis College of Art and Design, SCI-Arc, and LAIAD.

    De Vry University (Sherman Oaks, Long Beach, Pomona, Irvine and other locations) and the University of Phoenix (Pasadena, Culver City, Woodland Hills, and other locations)also employ faculty for both online and campus instruction.

    A USC department chair or dean is often able to arrange a personal introduction to a colleague in another local academic institution that has an appropriate opening.

  • General job searches

    Los Angeles County is a diverse metropolis of 10 million people and the Southern California region is the 15th largest economy in the world. Major industries in Los Angeles and Southern California include (in alphabetical order) aerospace, entertainment, fashion and apparel, finance and banking, health care, hi-tech industries, international trade, law, manufacturing, petroleum, tourism, and shipping.

    Sometimes advice can be offered on such matters as * résumé/curriculum vitae critiques, * cover letter assistance, * community/networking resources, * coaching on interviewing techniques , * job search resource materials, * career coaching, * coaching on salary negotiation.

    For those recruits who work with Quest or First Mobility, the relocation assistance services with which the University contracts, those services will work with the partner or spouse in seeking employment in the Los Angeles area.

    The Rand Corporation, the Getty Museum, and other Los Angeles cultural institutions also post their employment opportunities.

    Los Angeles is also home to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Hughes Research Labs. Many companies devoted to communication, IT and biotechnology are within range such as Computer Sciences Corp. and Amgen.

    Large private employers in the Los Angeles area include Walt Disney Co., Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Univision, the Latham & Watkins law firm, Hilton Hotels, DirecTV, American Honda Motor Co., Edison International, Fedex, and UPS. Many healthcare organizations are large employers, including Kaiser Permanente, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Providence Health System, and Catholic Healthcare West.

    Government agencies are large employers, including the County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, Federal Government agencies, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the City of Los Angeles and the City of Long Beach as well as the 86 other cities within the county boundaries.


The Center for Work and Family Life is a friendly source of advice. Its functions include *work/life support at USC, * counseling and consultation, * family and dependent care, * workplace health and wellness.

The University Club from time to time sponsors social events at which relocating partners can network with each other and members of the community.

The Trojan network is a volunteer-run organization which was established to provide career-related information for USC alumni and current USC students. It does not provide job opportunities or internships.

Academic and Family Life Balance

The University seeks to assist faculty in balancing their academic commitments and family life.

Section 9 of the Faculty Handbook deals with * paid parental leave, * family responsibilities, * childcare responsibilities of probationary faculty, * length of probationary period, * expectations concerning scholarly productivity, * phased retirement, and * coordination and conditions of paid parental leave.

As President Sample wrote in the introduction to the Faculty Handbook when this section was promulgated: ... Section 9 on Academic and Family Life Balance ... was endorsed by both the Academic Senate and Provost’s Council.

USC has long been a leader in flexible faculty policies because we realize that faculty should have assistance in reconciling professional commitments and family responsibilities. It is a vital interest of both USC and society as a whole that the demands of childbearing and childrearing not discourage talented women and men from pursuing academic careers.

Having a family-friendly environment will help our faculty flourish academically, and will assist USC in achieving our goals of recruiting and retaining excellent faculty....

I encourage eligible faculty to make use of the flexibility these options provide. And I call on senior faculty to ensure that there is a warm and encouraging climate for colleagues who take advantage of these new policies on leaves, exclusion of time from the probationary period, and work flexibility.

What is more, I expect departments to go beyond the letter of the policy and to show consideration for family responsibilities in other ways, such as the scheduling of meetings and the sharing of onerous assignments.

It goes without saying that no one making use of these policies should suffer any adverse effect on their careers, merit ratings or tenure decision. The Handbook also now makes clear that taking a parental leave or stopping the tenure clock will not raise the expectations for scholarly productivity on account of the additional time provided.

More information

See this research summary on dual-career academic couples.

Additional information is available through these sources: