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Peter Conti and the RadioChem group John Matsusaka and faculty colleagues Estela Bensimon Hana Reisler, Provost's Mentoring Award winner 2010
Featured Resources
  • Fostering a Mentoring Culture A Guide for Department Heads
  • WFF's Exemplary-Junior-Faculty Mentoring Programs
  • For Mentors

    "Mentoring is irresistible", so stated one of our faculty members, a Mellon Mentoring Award winner.

    Most of us have had mentors who have shaped our lives and inspired us and we in turn want to help those coming up behind us, share what we have learned and complete the circle. Yet when asked "how do you mentor", many of us do not have a good answer. We shrug our shoulders and say we just do it. Many of us say we're too busy to mentor new faculty. No one mentored us and we turned out fine, so why should we mentor incoming faculty; they should be able to do it on their own. Or we perhaps we feel we don't need it in our school.

    Why mentor other faculty?

  • It is required of senior faculty as a part of their service commitment
  • It builds your department, your school and the university
  • You learn from your mentee, too
  • It is good; it is right; it is personally satisfying
  • Check out the resources USC and external sources offer on mentoring.

    Designated school contacts

  • The College of Letters Arts and Sciences: Directors of Faculty Development: Professors Sarah Pratt, Michael Messner, Hanna Reisler
  • The Viterbi School of Engineering - Senior Associate Dean Timothy Pinkston
  • School of Architecture: Amy Murphy
  • Keck School of Medicine: Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Judy Garner; Assistant Dean for Faculty Development Frank Sinatra; in different departments contact the vice chairs for faculty development
  • Marshall School of Business: Mentoring Committee and Director of Faculty Development
  • School of Theatre: Faculty Mentoring Committee
  • School of Social Work: Director of Instructional Assessment
  • School of Pharmacy: Director of Teaching and Learning
  • The USC Mellon Mentoring Forum

    The Mellon Mentoring Forum, composed of senior and experienced faculty members from each school, meets twice yearly to brainstorm about and share best practices in mentoring. Each year the forum chooses a specific mentoring-related topic to discuss. Representatives also prepare a bi-annual school mentoring profile on the mentoring structure, practice and activities in their schools. The forum also co-sponsors mentoring events/workshops with other committes and schools.

  • USC's 10 Best Practices Mentoring
  • 40 Suggestions on Building a Mentoring Culture

    2010-2011 Forum Representatives

  • Co-Chairs, Devon Brooks (Social Work) and Chuck Gomer(KSOM)
  • USC Mellon Mentoring Forum Representatives 2009-10
    School Representative email address
    Vice Provost for Faculty AffairsMarty Levine
    Assoc. Provost for Faculty Development Judy Garner
    Annenberg Ed Cray
    Annenberg Lynn Miller
    Architecture Amy Murphy
    Business Deborah MacInnis
    Cinematic Arts John Watson
    College Michael Messner
    College Sarah Pratt
    College Hanna Reisler
    Dentistry Sandra Rich
    Dentistry (OT) Jeanne Jackson
    Education Dennis Hocevar
    Engineering Krishna Nayak
    Engineering Maja Mataric
    Fine Arts Jud Fine
    GerontologyKelvin Davies
    LawDaniel Klerman
    MedicineLaurie Deleve
    Medicine (CHLA) Chuck Gomer
    Medicine(Clinical)Ami Shah
    Medicine Frank Sinatra
    Medicine (PIBBS) Michael Stallcup
    Music Erica Muhl
    Pharmacy Fred Weissman
    Policy,Planning and Development Lisa Schweitzer
    Social Work Devon Brooks
    Theatre Meiling Cheng

    Faculty Mentoring Workshops at USC

    The Center for Excellence in Teaching, the Provost's Academic Leadership Development Committee and the Center for Excellence in Research sponsor workshops with faculty development and mentoring components.

    Be sure to check their websites and calendars for upcoming events.

    The CET and CER also offer individual consultation, classroom evaluations, and information on funding sources to new faculty, post-docs and gradate students. Share your mentoring expertise and become a Faculty Fellow of the CET or the CER.

    The Center for Work and Family Life offers confidential counseling services for all faculty to better their professional-personal life balance. Professional Development runs many useful courses for both staff and faculty to improve their professional skills.

    USC-based grants with mentoring components

  • James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund - Individual Research Grants
  • Center for Excellence in Research - Proposal Preparation Faculty Mentoring Program

    Recognition of Faculty Mentors at USC

    University-wide awards:

  • Provost's Mentoring Award
  • USC Mellon Mentoring Awards
  • Parents Association Teaching and Mentoring Awards
  • School awards with mentoring components:

  • Marshall School of Business - Evan C. Thompson Faculty Mentoring and Leadership Award (annual
  • Viterbi School of Engineering - Viterbi Service Award (annual)
  • Don't Miss This! Literature on mentoring other faculty

  • American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession's Top 10 List Mentoring Junior Faculty
  • Fostering a Mentoring Culture A Guide for Department Heads
  • WFF's Exemplary-Junior-Faculty Mentoring Programs
  • Developing Mentoring Programs
  • Assessing Mentoring Programs
  • Mentor-mentee training materials

    External links

  • International Mentoring Association
  • Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
  • MentorNet an e-mentoring network especially for scientists, engineers and mathematicians
  • Ms. Mentor at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Emily Toth (aka Ms. Mentor)in the English department of Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge writes a column for The Chronicle. She is the author of the recently published "Ms. Mentor's New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia" (University of Pennsylvania Press). Her e-mail address is

    Some other mentoring groups at USC

  • Women in Science and Engineering
  • WISE Networking Group
  • USC Women in Chemistry
  • USC women in Kinesthesiology
  • USC women in mathematics, physics, biology, electrical engineering