Essential Guides

General Responsibilities and Assignments

It is important that all faculty understand what they are responsible for.
  • Section 3B of the Faculty Handbook states that full time faculty service includes:
    • Performing your assigned teaching, clinical or librarianship duties
    • Enhancing the University and public good through your research, publication, creativity activity and professional activity
    • Performing University service including student counseling, registration and commencement assistance, and service on University committees

    The period of service for academic year faculty is from August 16 through May 15 as stated in the Faculty Handbook Section 3-b(5).

  • The Faculty Handbook (section 3B) details the your academic and professional responsibilities.
    • For tenure-track faculty, responsibilities include teaching, research and service (with the average activity profile including 35%-45% responsibility to teaching and 5%-15% to service).
    • The specific nature of a faculty member's teaching, research, and/or clinical service to the University may be adapted in accordance with the demands of the specific academic unit and/or the terms of a particular faculty member's negotiated activity profile.
    • The individual activity profile of non-tenure track faculty is based on the needs and expectations of your academic unit
    • The activity profile should be established through consultation between each faculty member and the dean or chair of the academic unit.
  • Assignment procedures are detailed in section 3B of the Faculty Handbook .
    • You are expected to teach courses that have been assigned to you by your department chair, after consultation with the chair and on the basis of departmental or school needs.
    • Teaching, clinical, and service assignments shall not be made for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons.
    • Claims that assignments violate this or any other provision of the Faculty Handbook, other University policies, or provisions of law are subject to review through the grievance procedure, but contested teaching and clinical assignments shall be performed pending any such review.
    • Faculty grievance procedures are detailed in Section 7 of the Faculty Handbook.

    Disclaimer: This guide is for information only and is intended as a helpful set of links to the Faculty Handbook and other University Policies. It does not constitute official University policy, nor do linked pages, except for the Faculty Handbook and the Policies web page. Send suggestions for additional resources you would like to see listed to the Office of Faculty Affairs.