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Essential Guide for All Faculty

Welcome to the Essential Guide for All Faculty - a one stop shopping place to assist you in developing your career, and in understanding how you can get help at USC. This document is organized into the following sections.

General Responsibilities and Assignments
Evaluations, Promotions and Leaves
Faculty Governance
Career, Home, and Family
Networking, Mentoring, and Support
Legal Issues and Managing Risk
Dual Careers

You may find the following specialized guides useful as well:

In general, the tabs and quick links at the Faculty Portal provide a handy way to look for news, offices, policies and information helpful to you.

Disclaimer: This guide is for information only and is intended as a helpful set of links to the Faculty Handbook and other University Policies. It does not constitute official University policy, nor do linked pages, except for the Faculty Handbook and the Policies web page. Send suggestions for additional resources you would like to see listed to the Office of Faculty Affairs.