Committee on Academic Policies & Procedures (CAPP)

The Committee on Committee on Academic Policies & Procedures (CAPP)studies the effects of university academic requirements, regulations, and policies, recommends improved student academic policies and procedures, and regularizes policies and procedures so that the number of petitions can be reduced. As part of this charge, CAPP has specific responsibility for oversight and review of the University Policy on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. CAPP also rules through Academic Petitions Committees on requests for exceptions to academic regulations and requirements printed in the University Catalogue. In most instances, the Academic Petitions Committee acts as the body with original jurisdiction, but in some cases delegates authority for approvals to another. The assumptions and procedures which guide Academic Petition Committee actions are the following:

o The student is responsible for complying with deadlines established in the academic calendar.

o All academic work should be accurately reflected in the student's record. The record is to be faithful to the actual experience cosmetic corrections or adjustments are not sanctioned.

o Care must be taken not to establish the petition process as an alternative to being held to the adopted academic requirements.

o Decisions should be focused on the academic basis for the petition, rather than the consequences (real or imagined) that may face the student.

o Registrations and enrollment related petitions are presented by the registrar's staff.

o Academic petitions are presented by a representative of the student's school.

Committee on Academic Policies & Procedures (CAPP)receives reports from the degree progress department, the academic review department, and the Academic Petitions Committee.

The committee reports to the office of the president through the provost and works closely with the vice provost for academic programs, the director of the Graduate School, the dean of academic records and registrar, and vice president for student affairs.