Committee on Probationary Deadlines (CPD)

(formerly the Special Committee on Promotion and Tenure Policy)

The Special Committee on Probationary Deadlines shall review proposed categories of special faculty from all units of the University, consider the appropriateness of fixed-term renewable contracts for individual faculty members in doubtful or disputed cases, and hear all requests involving modification of the normal probationary period for faculty members. The determinations of the committee are conveyed to the President of the University for action. The President's decision shall be made as promptly as possible. If he intends not to follow the recommendations of the Special Committee, he shall consult with the Special Committee stating his reasons and shall provide an opportunity for response by the Special Committee to him, before taking action. If the President finally decides not to accept the recommendations of the Special Committee, he shall state in writing to the Special Committee his reasons for rendering a different decision. The committee consists of a chairman and six additional members named by the Academic Senate, plus two members named by the Council of Deans.

March 2010