Academic Senate Committee on University Events

The Committee on University Events shall have the dual responsibilities of (a) facilitating and promoting faculty presentations and events for the benefit of the University community and (b) developing recommendations concerning faculty attendance at all events sponsored by the University, including seat locations, ticket pricing policies, and rules for allocating specific seat locations to faculty ticket holders. In carrying out the first task, the committee shall coordinate its work with relevant officers of the University and its constituent schools and venues (such as the Campus Center) and shall seek innovative means of promoting the intellectual engagement of faculty with students at University events. In carrying out the second task, the committee shall serve as a channel through which relevant concerns of individual faculty can be transmitted to the administration, ensure that the University events ticket-allocation process is monitored to conform with agreed-upon policies, and take steps to increase faculty participation in all University events, including special ceremonies, awards convocations, and commencement exercises.

March 2010