A coordinated public art program broadens awareness of our cultural richness and enhances the campus environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors alike. By increasing the presence of public art on USC's campuses, we promote a better understanding of the visual arts, preserve the university's artistic heritage, and ensure USC's role as a center for California's emerging and established artists and their art. The Public Art Committee has been established to manage the public art program and is responsible for creating a programmatic master plan and developing policies on topics such as project management, donations, controversy resolution, and public information and education. The committee will consider and recommend approval the acceptance of donated works of art, the appointment of artists to create works of art, the final design, and the siting of the art.

The committee will submit its recommendation of an artist early in the planning of a new building (as soon as the design architect is selected) so that design efforts can include the artistic concept. The Committee will ensure that certain characteristics essential to the selection of the artist and artwork are considered. These include, but are not limited to, the artists' knowledge of outdoor details and materials, their ability to demonstrate the successful integration of previous works with buildings and outdoor spaces, and technical competence to work in the appropriate medium.

The committee reports to the President through the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and works closely with the Vice President for Capital Development and Facilities Management. Upon concurrence by the President, the committee's public art recommendation may be submitted to the appropriate committee(s) of the Board of Trustees for final approval.