Academic Senate Committee on Selection

A Selection Committee will be appointed by the Academic Senate President and Executive Board to nominate faculty for membership on Senate committees, and committees appointed jointly by the Senate and the Provost.

The Selection Committee shall be chaired by the Administrative Vice President and consist of at least five and no more than nine members. At least two of the members shall be members of the Academic Senate and at least two of the members shall be appointed from the faculty at large. In appointing the committee, every effort should be made to obtain members from a variety of schools (units).

Members shall serve a one year term and may be re-appointed at the discretion of the Executive Board.

The Selection Committee for the current academic year shall, in normal circumstances, makes recommendations to the Executive Board. In turn, the Executive Board will select faculty to fill Committee memberships for the following academic year. When the need arises, the Selection Committee shall recommend faculty for the current academic year as well.

March 2010