University Committee on Curriculum

The UCOC advises the Provost on all matters pertaining to the adoption, elimination, and revision of courses and programs. It reviews and recommends university-wide policies on curriculum and works with units to ensure that appropriate processes are in place in each unit to provide for faculty oversight, development, and evaluation of curriculum. The Committee reviews and approves forms and checklists developed by the staff of the Curriculum Office. Recommendations made by the Committee are to be based entirely on academic considerations, with revenue concerns resolved by dean and the Provost.

Within the University Committee of Curriculum, there are :

  • Art and Humanities Subcommittee
  • Natural Sciences, Math, and Engineering Subcommittee
  • Social Sciences, Communication, and Business Subcommittee
  • Health Professions Subcommittee
  • Committee on Diversity Requirement
  • General Education Committee
  • Off Campus Studies Panel
  • Writing Committee

Composition of UCOC The University Committee on Curriculum will led by a chair and include the following members: the two co-chairs of each subcommittee will ordinarily serve as members of the UCOC, as will one representative from each of the panels and committees reporting to UCOC, and two student members; one undergraduate and one graduate, for a total of fourteen voting members of the committee plus ex officio members as designated by the Provost.

All decisions of subcommittees and of the UCOC will be made by majority vote of the voting members present, as long as a quorum of voting members exists. If there is substantial disagreement in the subcommittee or a larger issue ofpolicy raised by the submission, the subcommittee should refer the matter to the UCOC. A quorum exists when a majority of voting members are participating in the decision.

July 2010