frank_baxter.jpg Lloyd Welch Dean Harold Slavkin Margaret Morehouse
Frank Baxter was pioneer of distance learning withShakespeare on T.V. Lloyd Welch, fourth USC professor to win the prestigious Shannon Award Harold Slavkin directed National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research Margaret Morehouse, biochemist, nutrition expert at USC from 1929 to 1972

Offices to Assist Research

Research Workshops & Training
Office of Compliance
Department of Contracts & Grants Foundation Relations
Health Research Association
Information Technology Services
Institutional Review Board HSC
Institutional Review Board UPC
Keck School of Medicine Office of Scientific Affairs
USC College Dean of Research
School of Dentistry's Innovation & Discovery Office
School of Engineering's Dean of Research
USC Stevens Technology Licensing, Office of Trademarks and Licensing
USC Commercialization Resource
Vice Provost for Research