Service and Governance
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Past Faculty Senate presidents John Elliott (L) & Martin Levine (R) debate forming new Academic Senate USC Faculty, Sept 12, 1914 William Spitzer, former Provost and Dean of USC College, and honorary president of the Faculty Senate

Academic Leadership Development Committee

The Academic Leadership Development (ALD) Committee was established by the Academic Senate and the Provost, with the mandate to conduct workshops and programs to enhance the professional success of our faculty and department chairs.

The committee has sponsored workshops for department chairs addressing issues such as:

  • Leadership in the Department
  • The Tenure Process
  • Budgeting
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Legal Issues
  • Sexual Harassment

The committee also offer faculty workshops on

  • Orientation for New Faculty
  • Concerns of Research Faculty
  • Navigating the Tenure Process for 2nd and 3rd Year faculty
  • Demystifying the Tenure Dossier for 5th Year faculty and their chairs
  • Casting the New Widely - Proactive Outreach in Faculty Searches - for search committee leaders