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WASC Accreditation (1998)

University Accreditation Committee

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University Accreditation Committee

Effective January 2009.


Eileen Crimmins (co-chair)
Edna M. Jones Chair in Gerontology
Professor of Gerontology, Demographic Research
Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
GER 218D, MC 0191
(213) 740-1707
(213) 740-0792 fax
Darnell Cole
Associate Professor of Education
Rossier School of Education
WPH 703B, MC 4073
(213) 821-4363

Edwin McCann (co-chair)
Professor of Philosophy and English
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
MHP 113, MC 0451
(213) 740-4085
Janet Fulk
Professor of Communication
Annenberg School for Communication
ASC 324E, MC 0281
(213) 740-0941


Lawford Anderson
Director, Center of Excellence in Teaching
Professor of Earth Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
SCI 313, MC 0740
(213) 740-6727
(213) 740-8801 fax
Nora Haghparast Hassas
Assistant Professor Clinical Dentistry
School of Dentistry
DEN 4220, MC 0641
(213) 821-5393

Stephen Bucher
Director of the Engineering Writing Program
Viterbi School of Engineering
OHE 106, MC 1455
(213) 740-3094
Ange-Marie Hancock
Associate Professor of Political Science
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
VKC 327, MC 0044
(213) 740-6998

Sharon Marie Carnicke
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor, Theatre and Slavic Languages
School of Theatre
DRC 116, MC 0791
(213) 740-2202
Douglas Joines
Professor of Finance & Business Economics
Marshall School of Business
BRI 308, MC 0804
(213) 740-6510

Steven L. Lamy
Vice Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Professor of International Relations
College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
ADM 304, MC 4012
(213) 740-8555
Richard Kaplan
Retired Professor
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Viterbi School of Engineering
379 Spur Trial Ave. Walnut, CA 91789-5228
(909) 594-4558
(909) 636-2701

Jerry Lucido
Vice Provost for Enrollment Policy and Management
Executive Director, Center for Enrollment Research, Policy & Practice
Enrollment Services
ADM 300, MC 4019
(213) 740-7576
John Walsh
Associate Professor of Bio-Gerontology/Striatal Synaptic Research
Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
GER 242, MC 0191
(213) 740-4908

Peter Mancall
Professor of History
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
SOS 284, MC 0034
(213) 821-2151

Jean Morrison
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Programs
Director, Women in Science and Engineering Graduate School
GFS 315, MC 1695
(213) 740-9033

Susan Metros
Associate Vice Provost for Technology Enhanced Learning
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services
3434 S. Grand Ave., Suite 330R
Los Angeles, CA 90089 MC 2812
(213) 821-8084
Eugene Bickers Jr.
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs
Professor of Physics
College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
GFS 227, MC 1695
(213) 740-1114

Melora Sundt
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Professor of Clinical Education
Rossier School of Education
WPH 502A, MC 4035
(213) 740-2157
Mark Pavelchak
Academic Information Officer
Office of the Provost
ADM 203, MC 4019
(213) 740-6374

Gayle Vierma
Director, Spanish Language Program
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
THH 156S, MC 0358
(213) 740-1267
Robin Romans
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs
Accreditation Liaison Officer
GFS 227, MC 1695
(213) 740-2959

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