You will be notified of your financial aid summary via e-mail* within approximately 30 days after your financial aid file is complete. If you missed one or more deadlines, your financial aid eligibility may consist of only a Federal Direct Stafford Loan.

Monitor the status of your financial aid summary online at My Financial Aid & Documents. Notification will also be sent to your e-mail address*. Any future changes to your financial aid package will be viewable online only.

Verify Your Loan Application Information

Is your enrollment, housing and other information accurate on your Financial Aid Summary? Has anything changed since you applied for financial aid? To correct any errors with your enrollment and housing, please go to My Financial Aid & Documents and submit an updated enrollment and housing form. You can update your address and other information through the university portal, OASIS.

*Until you certify your enrollment with USC (by submitting the Enrollment Commitment Deposit and form), e-mail notifications will be sent to the address on file with your Common Application. After you certify your enrollment, all notifications will be sent to your USC e-mail address.

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