• To receive the loans listed in your summary, please refer to the Loan Application Alert (sidebar).
  • Grants and scholarships will be automatically credited to your USC billing account prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • To take advantage of Federal Work-Study funds in your summary, you will need to find a job on campus. (You will receive a paycheck directly from your employer for hours worked.) The annual USC Job Fair is held just prior to the first week of the Fall semester. Job openings are posted online at ConnectSC, a service of the Career Planning & Placement Center, and advertised in the Daily Trojan. You can also find jobs on flyers posted around campus and through word of mouth. Many departments also accept walk-in applicants.


  • For information about terms and conditions, visit My Financial Aid & Documents.
  • For information about federal tax implications for your financial aid summary, contact your tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Scholarship funds from sources outside USC may replace a portion of the loans and Federal Work-Study in your financial aid summary.
  • You may be able to convert unused Federal Work-Study eligibility to Federal Direct PLUS or private loan funds. E-mail the Financial Aid Office, explaining why you are unable to use the full amount of your Federal Work-Study eligibility, and specify the amount that you want to convert to loans.
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