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A limited amount of financial aid is available for the summer session. To qualify, you must meet all general financial aid eligibility requirements, as well as the conditions described on this page.

Some academic departments also offer financial assistance for summer enrollment. Contact your department directly for more information.

applying for summer financial aid

To qualify, you must:

  • Meet all general financial aid eligibility requirements.
  • Be enrolled in classes at least half-time to receive most loans and/or grants. (Federal Work-Study, however, does not require enrollment in classes.)
  • Adhere to the following deadlines:
    • Apply at least six (6) weeks before the start of your earliest summer class.
    • Allow up to three (3) weeks to process a Summer Loan Request Form.
    • To apply for summer work-study, you must submit the Summer Work-Study application by March 31, 2015.

Early application allows us to determine your eligibility for loans before the end of the summer session Drop/Add period.

Receiving Your Funds

Be sure to follow all instructions provided on your Financial Aid Summary.

Summer financial aid will be posted to your student account no sooner than a week before your earliest summer class. Loans will be disbursed after you start classes.

Potential Delay of Disbursements Due to Monitoring of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Financial aid may not be disbursed to a student's account until SAP has been evaluated. The Financial Aid Office cannot complete the SAP evaluation until prior semester grades have been officially posted by the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. Therefore , an otherwise eligible student may experience a delayed financial aid disbursement if grades are not made official before the beginning of the subsequent semester. No exceptions can be made to this process.

IMPORTANT: Tuition and fees for summer classes are assessed at the time of registration and due when billed, regardless of class start date(s). To avoid late fees, you may be required to pay any outstanding balance on your student account before your financial aid funds can be posted. If you have applied for financial aid and need to defer your billing balance until financial aid funds become available, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Please visit the Student Financial Services website for information about settlement of your student account.

summer loans

The following loan programs may be available to eligible students who enroll for the USC summer session at least half-time (4 units for master's degree candidates, 3 units for doctoral candidates or enrollment in a course considered full-time by the registrar, regardless of units enrolled) and follow the application instructions below.

Document submission instructions, can be found at  Your summer loan application will be reflected online in your "2014-2015 Document Status."

If your loan is based on your plans to enroll in two (2) summer sessions:

Please be aware that your loan could be cancelled if you do not complete both sessions and your total enrollment drops to less than half-time for the entire summer.

Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Submit a completed online Summer Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Visit to submit a Grad PLUS Loan Request.

Private Loans

  • Available to students enrolled less than half-time to full-time
  • Submit a complete online Summer Loan Request Form to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Contact your lender directly to apply for the loan.

Loan Advisory: Prior to applying for private loans, students should exhaust all Federal Title IV assistance available, including the Federal Direct Stafford Loan and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. The repayment terms of federal loan programs may be more favorable than those for private loans.

Private student loans may not be included in Federal Direct Consolidation Loans, are not eligible for Federal Income-Based Repayment Plans, and are not eligible for Federal Economic Hardship Deferments.

Visit Private Financing for more information.

summer federal work-study

Continuing students can earn up to $3,500 through Summer Federal Work-Study. You are not required to be enrolled in summer classes to qualify. Funds are awarded to students with the greatest financial need who:
  • Intend to enroll at least half-time at USC for the fall 2014 semester;
  • Meet all general eligibility requirements for financial aid, including Satisfactory Academic Progress;
  • Demonstrate financial need for both the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years;
  • Are on-time applicants for 2015-2016 financial aid; and
  • Submit a Summer Federal Work-Study Application (completed by both you and your prospective USC employer) to the Financial Aid Office by March 31, 2015.

For document submission instructions, please visit

Potential Effect on Your Future Financial Aid Eligibility

The federal government requires that summer Federal Work-Study earnings—minus any employment-related expenses—be considered when determining your financial aid eligibility for the following academic year. As a result, your eligibility for other financial aid programs may be reduced.

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