• Requesting to DECREASE Federal Work-Study
    In some cases, it may be possible to convert unused Federal Work-Study eligibility to Federal Direct PLUS or private loan eligibility.

    If you would like to decrease your Federal Work-Study award, please complete the online Package Adjustment Form. Visit My Financial Aid & Documents and log in. Go to Required Info & Forms and click on the Document Library tab for a list of online forms.

  • Requesting to INCREASE Federal Work-Study
    If you would like an increase to your Federal Work-Study, submit a written request.   Attach a memo from your employer supporting your request and include the additional amount you are requesting, your hourly rate, and the number of hours you work per week. Due to funding limitations, these requests are rarely approved.


Submit a written request:

  • If your financial aid award does not include the maximum annual Federal Direct Stafford Loan amount and you wish to have your loan increased.
  • If an approved loan amount is more than you wish to borrow.


If you enroll in a different number of units than originally planned, please submit an Enrollment and Housing form with your updated information.

Submit a written request:

  • If you advance a class level between the fall and spring semester.
  • If you need to change the semester(s) for which you have been awarded aid.

Graduating Seniors Attending One Semester

If you plan to graduate after attending a single semester this academic year, your initial financial aid award will include only a prorated Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford Loan based on your projected enrollment (half-, three-quarter- or full-time). If you enroll for any unit count other than 6, 9 or 12, you may request an adjustment to your financial aid after you have registered for classes.

  Base Amount Additional Unsubsidized Amount
Number of Units All Students Dependent Undergraduates (Except Student Whose Parents Cannot Borrow PLUS Loans) Independent Undergraduate Students and Dependent Students Whose Parents Cannot Borrow PLUS Loans
7 $1,604 $583 $2,042
8 $1,833 $667 $2,333
10 $2,292 $833 $2,917
11 $2,521 $917 $3,208
13 $2,979 $1,083 $3,792
14 $3,208 $1,167 $4,083
15 $3,438 $1,250 $4,375
16 $3,667 $1,333 $4,667
17 $3,896 $1,417 $4,958
18 $4,125 $1,500 $5,250
19 $4,354 $1,583 $5,542
20 $4,583 $1,667 $5,833


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