The Financial Aid Office can consider appeals only from students who are awarded merit scholarships during the admission process.

Continuing students whose USC Merit Scholarships were not renewed may submit a written request to appeal their status.


  • Taking a Leave of Absence
    Notify the Financial Aid Office in writing about your leave of absence, or send the Financial Aid Office a copy of your Leave of Absence form.  Specify the reason for the leave of absence as well as its expected duration.
  • Returning from a Leave of Absence
    Your scholarship will be on hold for the approved duration of your leave of absence.  To reinstate your school must submit a written request before you return to USC to reinstate your scholarship.

    NOTE: All USC Merit Scholarships are limited to a total of 8 semesters of eligibility (10 semesters for students in the five-year architecture program).

Loss of scholarship

  • Due to Under-Enrollment
    You are required to complete a full-time course load each semester (generally 12 units) to remain in good standing for your scholarship. If you will be unable to complete a full-time course load during a semester, you must submit a written appeal that explains the circumstances preventing you from meeting your enrollment obligations.
  • Due to Academic Ineligibility
    You are required to maintain good academic standing with the university (as defined by the Registrar's Office) for your scholarship to be renewed. If you fail to remain in good academic standing, your scholarship eligibility will be revoked and cannot be restored to you even if you restore your academic eligibility.




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