How do I obtain access to my student’s financial aid account and online forms?
For privacy and security reasons, only students may grant others access to their accounts. Have your student submit a Parent Invite for you to view his or her Financial Aid Summary or to complete a form online. The system will automatically generate a PIN number that your student will need to share with you.

To access your student's financial aid account, you will need to authenticate your access to it with your student’s USC ID, his or her date of birth and the randomly generated PIN number. Forms will include specific instructions for completing them.

If you are filling out the online tax form, you will need your completed tax return. This return must contain the same information that has been or will be provided to the federal government. You should not submit estimated or preliminary tax information.

How long is the PIN valid?
The PIN remains valid for seven (7) days from the last Parent Invite. If you do not complete and submit the form within seven days, the invitation and the PIN will expire. If your PIN has expired, your student must submit another Parent Invite for you to complete that form.

Can I use my FAFSA or CSS PROFILE PIN to access my student's account?
No. You must use the PIN generated by the parent invitation for that form.

If I lose my PIN, can I retrieve it somehow?
Have your student complete another Parent Invite for the form. If the PIN number has not yet expired, the system will retrieve it. If your PIN has expired, a new PIN number will be generated.

Can I receive a copy of my student’s Financial Aid Summary?
Yes. There is a printer friendly version available for your convenience. This will serve as your student’s official copy.

Are there additional instructions on how to read the Financial Aid Summary?
Our video tutorial will walk you through the many features available on the Financial Aid Summary tab. Please note: the video references additional tabs available to students, however, parents can only be granted access to the Financial Aid Summary tab.

If I am not comfortable entering my tax information into an online form, can I submit a paper version or copies of requested information?
You can, but please be aware that submitting paper forms will delay processing. The online process is secure and will allow the Financial Aid Office to process your student’s award as quickly as possible. Your information is not stored or viewable online. It is automatically transferred to our Student Information System.

Can I receive a copy of any information I enter on the online forms?
No. For security purposes, we do not store your information. Please make note of all the information you have entered before you click on the Submit button, as you will not be able to access this information once you have logged out.

How do I correct my information if I made a mistake on an online form?
Please resubmit the form. You may be able to use the same PIN number if the last Parent Invite was sent within the last seven days. If it has been more than seven days and the last Parent Invite has expired, please have your student submit a new invite for that form.

Why am I being asked to upload my actual tax forms if I submitted my tax information online?
To comply with federal verification guidelines, you may be selected to provide a complete copy of the student’s and/or parent’s income tax return (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ). This tax return must contain the same information that has been or will be provided to the federal government.

Please do not submit estimated or preliminary tax returns. Tax returns should be signed.

How soon will I be notified if I need to submit additional supporting documents?
Your student will be informed via e-mail if additional documents are needed to further process his or her financial aid application. Please submit these documents as soon as possible by visiting My Financial Aid and Documents and following the instructions provided.

Please note that according to USC's policy regarding the falsification of financial aid information, the student will be held responsible for the integrity of any financial aid information submitted either by him or her or on his/her behalf. If the university determines that a student or parent has provided falsified information, or has submitted forged documents or signatures, the Financial Aid Office may restrict the distribution of any further aid and the student may be subject to disciplinary sanctions as described in the Student Conduct Code (11.80).

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