Graduate assistantships are awarded by academic departments on the basis of scholastic accomplishment, academic promise and competence. Appointments are for a maximum of one year at a time, and confer both tuition credit and a stipend.

To receive tuition credit, you must be registered for at least six graduate units for credit in a full-time course. Assistantships usually require 20 hours of work per week under the supervision of USC faculty. There are three types of positions:

Teaching/laboratory assistants

Students are assigned specific duties that assist the teaching staff of the university, but do not serve as the instructors of record. These positions help develop research and teaching skills. Contact your academic department to apply.

Assistant lecturers

Students teach in the Freshman Writing Program, language programs in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, the American Language Institute (ALI) and other programs approved by the Director of Graduate and Professional Programs. Assistant lecturers may serve as instructors of record. Contact your academic department to apply.

Research assistants

Students assist the faculty in research-related tasks that can further the students’ own research interests. Contact your academic department to apply.

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