Scholarships and Financial Aid

Any scholarships you receive will not be in addition to your need-based financial aid but will change the composition of your financial aid eligibility. In most cases, we allow outside scholarships to reduce the student loans or Federal Work-Study in your financial aid package. Each situation must be reviewed in light of availability of funds, state and federal regulations, and the university's financial aid policies. Federal regulations require that we consider all of your resources when determining your eligibility for financial aid. As a result, receipt of additional scholarship awards will most likely effect your eligibility for financial aid. Once your department notifies our office of a departmental award, we will revise your Statement of Financial Aid Eligibility and notify you of the revision.

If you are a recipient of an outside award not listed in your Financial Aid Summary Letter, please send us a copy of your scholarship award notification so that we can adjust your financial aid package accordingly and notify you of the revision.

Most scholarships will replace some type of financial aid in your summary letter. If you would like to know how your scholarship will affect your financial aid eligibility, please contact our office.

USC Departmental Awards

If you receive an award from your academic department, we will revise your Financial Aid Summary Letter and notify you via e-mail.

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