Student loan borrowers are required to complete Exit Loan Counseling the semester they plan to graduate, as well as any time they take a leave of absence or drop to less than half-time status.


Online Exit Counseling

Students are required to complete exit loan counseling online.  Please sign in to to begin Exit Loan Counseling.  You will need to provide updated contact information, information on next of kin and two separate personal references. The Loan Exit Counseling Session should take about 30 minutes to complete. USC will be notified electronically when you complete the process.  

In-Person Exit Counseling

Students are also required to attend an in-person exit loan counseling session on campus. These sessions will cover important information about repayment and deferment procedures, as well as offer valuable advice about managing your finances after graduation.

Session Dates:

A schedule of sessions will be available online.

Appointments are not required, but please be on time as late arrivals will not be admitted and seating is limited.  Sessions last about one hour.

Benefits to attending an in-person exit counseling:
  • Receive IMMEDIATE in-person answers and guidance;
  • Learn more about how to manage your money and your loans;
  • Become more knowledgeable about your loan-repayment responsibilities and how to prevent default. For example, loans cannot be forgiven or cancelled in a bankruptcy.

FEDERAL perkins loan, heath professions student loan, loan for disadvantaged students or institutional loan borrowers

Students are required to complete an additional exit interview online.  Please visit and click on "Campus-Based Loans." A Loan Hold will be placed on your account until the exit interview has been completed.  The exit counseling information for Federal Perkins and HPSL/LDS loans will be available online.


For additional information about:

  • Federal Perkins, HPSL, LDS and institutional loans, contact the USC Student Financial Services Office at (213) 740-4077 or visit
  • Federal Stafford or Graduate PLUS loans, contact your lender or visit







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