mandatory Entrance Loan Counseling

First-time borrowers of Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans at USC are required to complete entrance loan counseling before loan funds can be disbursed. This is required per federal regulation and university policy, even if you previously borrowed loans at another college or university.

To complete the entrance loan counseling online, visit Sign in to Manage My Direct Loan using your FAFSA PIN, then select Complete Counseling. The process should take about 30 minutes. Once your session is successfully completed, your information will be transmitted to USC within 2-3 business days.

Timely completion of entrance counseling ensures you receive your funds in time to pay tuition and fees by the settlement deadline.

In addition to completing online counseling at, undergraduate first-time borrowers must also attend the Cash Course webinar.

Intended to supplement the online loan counseling at, the Cash Course webinar video covers basic money management tips, including effective budgeting, understanding credit and managing credit cards, reducing bank fees, responsible loan borrowing and preventing identity theft.

Viewing the Cash Course webinar video and responding to the survey is mandatory for undergraduates, who are borrowing from the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program for the first time at USC and who were unable to attend an in-person session or the live webinar.

Although graduate and professional students are not required to view the Cash Course webinar video, we believe you will find this course helpful in your effort to manage your investment in education and especially encourage all graduate students to participate.

Follow this link to view the Cash Course webinar video. You may download the slides of the Cash Course webinar presentation here.

Mandatory Exit Loan Counseling

If you have borrowed from the Federal Stafford and/or Federal Graduate PLUS Loan programs and you are graduating, on a leave of absence or enrolled less than half-time, federal regulations and university policy require you to complete two (2) exit loan counseling sessions.

To complete the exit loan counseling online, visit Sign in to Manage My Direct Loan using your FAFSA PIN, then select Complete Counseling. The Exit Loan Counseling session should take about 30 minutes to complete. USC will be notified electronically when you complete the process.  

To complete the university requirement, borrowers will need to view the Exit Loan Counseling webinar.

This course will cover repayment and deferment procedures, as well as offer valuable advice about managing your finances after graduation.

If you have borrowed Federal Perkins Loans, you must complete a separate loan exit counseling online with USC Student Financial Services.




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