All borrowers should be aware of the following:

  • Borrow only what you need. You are not required to borrow the full amount awarded to you, as indicated on your Financial Aid Summary. Notify us in writing if you wish to borrow less than the amount awarded.
  • Investigate other sources of financial aid that do not need to be repaid, such as scholarships and Federal Work-Study.
  • To reduce your total debt, try to make at least some interest payments on any Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans while you are at USC or covered by a grace period.
  • Tell your loan servicer if you change your name or address, withdraw from USC or graduate.
  • Establish good credit by wisely managing your loan repayments. Make all payments on time (consider setting up automatic payments from your checking account) and keep copies of all documents and correspondence.
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