Graduate Admission

Health Care & Insurance

Required Immunization Documents

The Engemann Student Health Center at USC requires incoming international students to present proof of measles immunity and to be screened for tuberculosis. Failure to provide these immunization documents will delay your enrollment for classes.

Required Health and Accident Insurance

International students are required to have health and accident insurance. Unless comparable coverage is provided by your sponsor, you will be automatically enrolled in the USC Health Insurance Plan. The university reserves the right to determine whether a student’s health coverage is adequate.

The USC Health Insurance Plan provides emergency coverage, including hospitalization services, and complements the services provided by Engemann Student Health Center. Voluntary dental insurance is also available. If you hold a graduate teaching or research assistantship, your stipend includes both student health and dental insurance.

For more information about the insurance requirement, click here. For questions not answered on the website, please call (213) 740-0551, or e-mail

Mandatory Student Health Fee

Separate from the USC Health Insurance Plan, the mandatory Student Health Fee entitles you to health services at the Engemann Student Health Center. This fee does not cover emergency treatment (or other health services) provided by non-USC health providers. If you hold a graduate or research assistantship, your stipend includes the Student Health Fee payment.

Health Coverage for Family Members

Students are encouraged to purchase additional medical coverage for accompanying family members. If a student spouse wishes to use the services of the Engemann Student Health Center, an additional fee will be charged.

Health Services Available at USC

In addition to medical services, the Engemann Student Health Center also offers health promotion and prevention services, and counseling for a wide range of health- and mental-health related issues.

The Engemann Student Health Center, located at 1031 West 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089, on the north side of campus, is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • Non-emergency assistance: (213) 740-9355
  • Emergency assistance on campus: (213) 740-4321
  • For emergencies off campus, call 911 (the fire/police/medical emergency number used throughout the United States).

Other Health Matters

It is advisable to have a thorough dental check-up before leaving your home country, especially if you will not be purchasing optional dental insurance. If you wear glasses, bring a spare pair with you. (Vision care is not covered by the USC Health Insurance Plan.)

You may want to request a letter of reference from your personal physician, describing major illnesses in your health history and current health problems (if any). If you are currently taking medication prescribed by your doctor, bring a copy of the prescription. Because prescription drugs generally have different brand names in the United States, it is helpful to know the generic name of your medication.