Graduate Admission

International Student Services

In addition to housing, food, religious worship, sports and recreation, and other general Graduate Student Services, USC offers services tailored to the special needs and interests of international students.

The Office of International Services

The Office of International Services (OIS) offers a wide range of services, including help with official documents, immigration questions, employment, financial aid and practical matters. The OIS also organizes social events, including the International Diners’ Club, and provides an English-language program for international student spouses and other family members.

International Associations and Clubs

USC is home to more than 20 associations and clubs that represent the cultures of many countries worldwide. Many of these groups maintain websites that offer advice for newcomers, as well as opportunities to meet students who share your background. To find a club that matches your interests, enter the nationality you are looking for here.

The International Students Assembly works with the Office of International Services and nationality-based clubs on campus to provide educational and cultural activities that reflect the diverse interests of international students. Equally important, the Assembly helps ensure that USC students and faculty are aware of the contributions of the university’s large and diverse international community.