Graduate Admission

Graduate AND Professional Programs

Graduate and professional studies at the University of Southern California prepare students for leadership positions in research, education and professional practice.

Our distinguished faculty include internationally renowned researchers and practitioners in the sciences and humanities, winners of top awards and honors in their fields. Actively engaged in developing new insights, technologies and creative work, USC faculty involve students in the pursuit of globally significant intellectual endeavors.

To meet the challenges of the 21st century, USC places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to learning. Academic departments and professional schools offer numerous advanced degrees that integrate two or more fields of knowledge.

As a private university, USC combines the independent spirit and individual attention of a smaller institution with the extensive programs and facilities of a major research university. Our location in the thriving international center of Los Angeles, a major hub of the Pacific Rim, provides a wealth of contacts and professional opportunities.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School oversees and confers all Ph.D. and master’s degrees at USC, in the College of Arts and Sciences and the university’s 17 professional schools. The Graduate School is responsible for:

  • Providing oversight to ensure consistency with the academic goals of USC;
  • Fostering high-quality education;
  • Seeking a graduate student body that reflects our multiracial, multiethnic society;
  • Helping students obtain the maximum benefit from the teaching and research activities of the university; and
  • Ensuring the equitable treatment of all graduate students.

The Graduate School

Fostering interdisciplinary learning, promoting leadership, and celebrating student achievement, the Graduate School is your path to excellence.

Graduate & Professional Programs

Discover the more than 300 graduate and professional programs USC has to offer, in both master's degree and Ph.D. tracks.


Attend USC without relocating to Los Angeles. Top-ranked programs in fields ranging from communications to medicine are now available online through USC Online.

Teaching at USC

The Center for Excellence in Teaching is committed to the inspiration, development, and advancement of USC's learner-centered education.

Researching at USC

Ranked as one of the top private research institutions, USC continues to advance knowledge and technology in a variety of fields.