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The Ticket Office is located in the center of the USC University Park Campus in the Gwynn Wilson Student Union building. The building stands on the southwest corner of Hahn Plaza, directly south of Bovard Administration building and the Trojan statue. The Student Union, one of the oldest buildings on the campus, was constructed in the 1919 to 1932 building phase, and has been described as perhaps the most energetic, or at least the most whimsical, of all of the northern Italian Romanesque buildings on campus.

The Ticket Office is an autonomous department and has been serving the USC campus and the Los Angeles area for over fifty years.

At its inception, and for many years, this department primarily served Athletics and a few large-scale student events. In 1984 the Ticket Office absorbed public events ticketing, and now provides ticketing and event services to almost all campus entertainment and sporting events.

Event producers contracting the Ticket Office include USC departments and organizations, as well as many high-profile independents from across the country. This encompasses a range of productions such as the New York Metropolitan Opera Auditions, Theatre, Classical Concerts, Jazz Festivals, World-renowned speakers, Outdoors music festivals, and a full range of Athletic events including USC Football and Basketball.

For additional information about the various events and entertainment available through the Ticket Office, please read about our Services.

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USC Ticket Office • Student Union Building 100 • Phone: (213) 740-GOSC