Senior Seminar Exhibition: It Becomes That

image for Senior Seminar Exhibition: It Becomes That
4/6/2013 – 4/17/2013
9:00 am
University Park Campus

It Becomes That: Sam Bader, Diana Dukanovic, Brynne Quinlan, Savannah Trevino, Eve White, and Whitney Wiese
April 6 – 17, 2013
Opening reception Thursday April 11, 5-7 pm
Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Watt Hall 

The University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts is pleased to present works from eleven graduating seniors in a back-to-back pairing of exhibitions in the Helen Lindhurst Gallery.  It Becomes That presents art’s definition as objects or experiences that embody the process of change, growth and translation, highlighting the very essence of the artist creative process: when one thing – material, thought, memory – transforms into, or becomes, a separate and different material object.  

The two shows explore the way in which the artists light and do not light the moment when the original material or understanding becomes something new, whether embodied within the art object itself or the experience of the viewing audience.  The unique combination of disparate photographs and paintings as well as installation and video works, investigate an inverse relationship, revealing a fresh perspective on the physical installation of works in the gallery space.

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