Brandon Jardine: Master Piece 2 (The Aesthetics of Narcissism)

05/07/2013 - 05/17/2013: 7:00AM

University Park Campus



Brandon Jardine: Master Piece 2 (The Aesthetics of Narcissism)
2013 Handtmann Photography Prize Exhibition
May 7-17, 2013

Opening reception Tuesday May 7, 7:30pm
Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Watt Hall (WAH)
Appetizers will be served 

My first encounter with what I’ve come to call aesthetic production took place behind the lens of a camera, situated conceptually within a practice of looking and physically within the landscapes I would inhabit along the way.  The framework inherent in the role of ‘cruising photographer’ is only one of many, but has been seminal in my later relationships to surface, material, education, politics, as well as sexuality.  

This exhibition takes its name from one of the works within—  Master Piece 2 (The Aesthetics of Narcissism), video screening by appointment only.  To schedule, contact

I have been generous with that which you have not asked to see.  You are cordially invited to partake in this body of work.