Dylan Turner: My Human Gets Me Blues

image for Dylan Turner: My Human Gets Me Blues
9/9/2013 – 10/9/2013
University Park Campus
Advanced Photography Lab

Advanced Photography Lab
Graduate Fine Arts Building (IFT)
3001 S. Flower St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007 
(Entrance on 30th St. between 
Flower St. and Figueroa St.)
Open M-F, 10am-5pm

Nothing to express, nothing to express with, together with the unwavering impetus to express…

For My Human Gets Me Blues, Dylan Turner merges the two spaces of STATION and 3001Gallery into a reflection on the tautology of a given situation- how the meaning of arranged objects turns out to be nothing more than their present condition. Within this spectrum of material, from old to new, organic to technological, and found to constructed, a unified presence of time and authorship emerges. Form, as such, seemingly becomes enough. We derive both an innocuous relief and pleasure from our newfound purpose of purposelessness. However, pathos starts to arise from the subliminal subjectivities of the arranger. There is an absurdist confrontation between the situation and us. So, why are we here again? 

Objective pleasures for objective perceivers!

My Human Gets Me Blues, 2013:

Tree stumps, bamboo cane, charcoal on canvas, video projection, plaster and metal head, stratified hourglass, oil on wood, linoleum and wood flooring, plastic packaging, insulation, plaster, chicken wire, tree braces, rubber, nails, and wood.