Protecting the Vulnerable: a Discussion of Legal Reform and Civil Society in China

USC U.S.-China Institute

11/14/2013: 4:00PM

University Park Campus
Leavey Library (Map)

USC U.S.-China Institute hosts a discussion with women's rights activist Guo Jianmei, providing insights to the NGO climate in China

Please join us for a discussion with Ms. Guo Jianmei to learn more about China’s rapidly growing civil society sector and the differences it can make in the lives of women, youth and others around the country. Ms. Guo, one of China’s preeminent public interest lawyers, has fought for women’s rights in China for more than 17 years; handling legal aid and public interest litigation cases on behalf of women, researching rights protection, and preparing draft laws to protect and promote women’s rights in China.

Drawing on her many years of experience as both a public interest lawyer and pioneer of Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Ms. Guo will outline recent political developments within China, including recent legal reform efforts such as reforms to China’s public interest law and will also discuss the critical role NGOs are playing to help promote and protect the rights of protecting marginalized and vulnerable groups. Ms. Guo will provide insights to the NGO climate in China pulled from her direct experience in building organizations from the ground up, and examine both the existing legal structure and potential developments that could benefit civil society and China as a whole. Guo Jianmei, one of China’s first public interest lawyers, has been fighting for women’s rights in China for the past 17 years; handling numerous legal aid and public interest litigation cases on behalf of women and conducting extensive research on women’s rights protection and legal aid institutions.