stage 1: Senior Seminar Exhibition

USC Roski School of Fine Arts
image for stage 1: Senior Seminar Exhibition
11/11/2013 – 12/5/2013
University Park Campus

Reception 1: Monday Nov. 11, 5-7 pm
Reception 2: Monday Dec. 2, 5-7 pm

Featuring work by 
Pilar Brooks
, Devon Doherty, 
Daniel Garrido
, Ana Godinez
, Sarah Kim
, David Layton, 
Ariel McCleese
, Emma Sheer
, Helen Whang

USC Roski School of Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibition stage 1 representing work from the graduating seniors of the Fine Arts Department. 

stage 1 includes work from Pilar Brooks, Devon Doherty, Daniel Garrido, Ana Godinez, Sarah Kim, David Layton, Ariel McCleese, Emma Sheffer, and Helen Whang.  

The collection of work exhibited has no central theme. As a whole, the artists say nothing.  Each artwork stands alone, held together only by the formalities of the gallery: the white walls, the lighting, and the juxtapositions.  The work is unified only through the framework of the institution.  stage 1 inhabits the space of convention and over time breaks it down.  With the introduction of a catalyst, the work collectively evolves.  As the space changes, the work changes with it. Viewing is invited at all stages; the act of observation confirms that the realm of aesthetics is the realm of causality.

USC Roski School of Fine Arts
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