MIND RVIDXR, curated by Amy Yao

USC Roski School of Fine Arts
image for MIND RVIDXR, curated by Amy Yao
11/8/2013 – 12/13/2013
University Park Campus

Opening reception Friday, November 8, 6-8 p.m.

STATION/3001 Gallery
Graduate Fine Arts Building (IFT)
3001 S. Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Gallery hours M-F, 10am-5pm 

Antoine Catala
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Judith Hopf
Yuki Kimura
Amy Lien/ Enzo Camacho
Jason Loebs
Carissa Rodriguez
Shanzhai Biennial
Emily Sundblad
Amy Yao

Dear Visitor, please find in this exhibition, MIND RVIDXR, some special exciting ways in which the relationships between image and knowing/ understanding are posed. Is it rote learning, copying, repetition, interaction, observation? What happens when the information taken is then re-transmitted impractically? 

The show is an exploration of these slippery imagination of images, "warm digital" information. In Emily Sundblad's BBQ'ed papers, paper becomes body, the image is a trace, also the drawing, also the mark that we have become familiar with both by actually BBQ'ing and through viewing advertisements of BBQ'ed meat. Carissa Rodriguez's photographs made by medical-imaging of her boyfriend's sperm not only puns the reproductive fact of the medium of which the work is made, but also offers a sad and absurd/humorous solution to knowing someone. The work seems to suggest a desire to know her boyfriend down to a scientific, microscopic, biological degree, like a portrait (as suggested by the title of the piece "Yesterday I Tried to Paint You"), but knowing-through-seeing in this case is impossible. 

Judith Hopf's Captchas themselves are an oddity of language/ image, existing somewhere between text and image, a rasterized distorted jpg of text, difficult to read and often needing the assistance of audio when illegible. Even though it is an invention meant to deter spam and non-human use, it also looks like spam in its algorithmic look. Her poems seem as if they are ignited by the captcha -- the captcha that regenerates itself -- and they use these inherent oddities of the captcha to add to the experience of seeing and grasping the work, rendering what could be futuristic Oulipo. 

Also in the exhibition will be one of Yuki Kimura's Mountains (meditation of photography from her collections of found negative); Antoine Catala's mind-numbing audio piece in which handsome Jordi  teaches a computer words (oddly reminiscent of Saussure's diagram of Tree/ tree); Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho's fashion photograph shot in Batangas, Philippines, and a zine presenting two views of a persona (part of a larger body of work printed also in PROVENCE magazine); Shanzhai Biennial's photographs of models wearing bootleg counterfeit mis-name branded clothes (Geline instead of Celine; The South Face instead of North Face); Jason Loeb's audio piece in which he asks Japanese children to talk about concepts such as "space"; Ian Hamilton Finlay's printed cards and works on paper from my own collection; one of my fan artworks (repetitious fan and staircase shapely mirroring).

- Amy Yao

image: Carissa Rodriguez, Yesterday I Tried to Paint You, 2012