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USC Office of Articulation

Waiver of Course Prerequisites based on AP Exam Scores

Many courses at USC have one or more prerequisite requirements designed to ensure adequate preparation for courses in a sequence. If you received a score of 4 or 5 on any of the AP exams listed below, you may request the appropriate USC academic department to waive a prerequisite for a course, or to waive a degree requirement.

Be sure to discuss either option with your academic advisor! Waiving a prerequisite is not the same as waiving or satisfying a degree requirement. Depending on your individual circumstances (e.g. major/minor requirements, post-baccalaureate plans, scholastic strengths and weaknesses), it could be to your advantage to take a prerequisite instead of waiving it. See an important note below for students interested in Medical School.

Waivers are not automatic. To get one of these waivers, you must contact the department offering the course requiring a prerequisite and get their approval. The department must enter the waiver in the registration system before you can sign up for their class. See the Schedule of Classes for office locations and phone numbers.

AP Exam Prerequisite that can be waived After prerequisite is waived...
Biology Either BISC 120 or BISC 220; see undergrad advisor in Biological Sciences.
Interested in Medical School? See the important note below!
...see undergrad advisor in Biological Sciences.
Chemistry CHEM 105aL
Interested in Medical School? See the important note below!
...take CHEM 105bL.
Economics (Micro) ECON 203 ...take certain upper-division ECON courses.
Economics (Macro) ECON 205 ...take certain upper-division ECON courses.
Mathematics (AB)
*NOT the AB subscore*
MATH 118 or 125
...take MATH 126, MATH 127, MATH 208, MATH 218, or certain upper-division business courses.
Mathematics (BC) If your score is 4, MATH 118 or 125
If your score is 5, MATH 118, or 125 and MATH 126
...take higher-level calculus or business courses.
Psychology PSYC 100 ...take certain upper-division PSYC courses; see advisor.


An Important Note to Students Interested in Medical School

Even though AP scores may place students into a higher level biology or chemistry course, many medical schools do not accept AP credit in lieu of college-level course credit to fulfill admissions requirements. Students interested in medical school should consider carefully whether it is in their best interest to enroll in foundational science courses notwithstanding AP credit in these areas. If you are a potential pre-med, please discuss this issue with an advisor in the Pre-Health Professions Program.