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USC Office of Articulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for submitting an articulation petition?

Yes. University policy requires all articulation petitions regarding courses taken before entering USC to be initiated as soon as possible after matriculation, and no later than the end of the first semester of study.  For summer work taken after starting at USC, the deadline would be one semester from the date USC receives the transcript.

I filed an articulation petition two weeks ago.  How long will it take before I receive a decision on it, and how will I be notified?

Generally, an evalutaion will take 10-15 business days, but it can take up to 90 days during busy periods. You should ahve received an email when you submitted your petition that details the current evaluation estimate at the time you submitted. You will receive an email at your USC email address when action is taken on your petition. You can check on the status of your petition at any time by going to the online articulation petition process on OASIS. . If you have not received an email, and the estimated evaluation period you were given has passed,, you can follow up with Degree Progress at (213) 740-4628.

My articulation petition was denied.  Do I have any recourse? If so, what options do I have and whom should I contact for further review?

If you have not exceeded the one semester deadline, you may appeal a denial by going to the online articulation petition process, selecting the course you petitioned, and then following the directions for emailing Degree Progress and providing additional materials as an attachment, or as hard copy. Additional information about the course to support your appeal is required.

How will I be notified when a decision about my petition has been made?

Email will be sent to your USC email account.

I accidentally deleted the email that was sent regarding my petition. How can I get another copy for my records?

All communication to you from the Degree Progress will be saved in the online process and can be viewed by checking on the status of your petition through OASIS.

How can I find out whether a course from another college transfers to USC or whether it fulfills General Education or earns course equivalency requirements? 

For California Community Colleges, refer to the Articulation Agreements with California Community Colleges.  For UCLA, UCR, CSUN, CSULA, CSULB, and Cal Poly Pomona, refer to the Articulation Histories with Local Four Year Colleges.  For other schools, current USC students should request a pre-approval (refer to Information for USC students planning on Transferring Course Work).  Other students should call the Admissions Office at (213) 740-1111 and/or refer to Transferring to USC. (Note: all USC students planning to take transfer courses should request a pre-approval, even if the courses are in an articulation agreement. This can be done on OASIS).

How can I have my AP test scores sent to USC?

Please contact College Board at (888) CALL-4-AP or go to and have your scores sent to the University of Southern California. To avoid possible delays, please be sure that College Board includes your Social Security Number when sending your scores.

How can I find out what credit I'll receive for my Advanced Placement (AP) Exams?

Refer to USC Credit for Advanced Placement Examinations.

How can I find out what credit I'll receive for my International Baccalaureate (IB) exams?

  Refer to USC Credit for International Baccalaureate Exams