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USC Curriculum Coordination Office

Submission Timeline

On average, university curriculum review is a month-long process. The following chart details last-minute submissions. We encourage you to submit in the fall to avoid the backlog of proposals that slow down the curriculum review process from February through April.

If you want your curriculum available by:

NEW PROGRAM, MINOR and COURSE proposals* must be in the CCO Review Folder at the LATEST:

REVISE PROGRAM, MINOR and COURSE proposals* must be in the CCO Review Folder at the LATEST:


Schedule of Classes
(live October 6, 2014)

(begins October 27, 2014)

September 2014

(not applicable - deadline past)


Schedule of Classes
(live February 20, 2015)

(begins March 9, 2015)

Middle January 2015

(not applicable - deadline past)

FALL 2015

Schedule of Classes
(live March 9, 2015)

(begins March 30, 2015)

Beginning February 2015

Beginning February 2015


Beginning March 2015

Beginning March 2015

*Complete with all required pre-submittal approvals. Proposals returned due to omissions and inaccurate information may be delayed.
  • Administrative actions may be approved year-round.
  • Any proposals submitted during the summer, needing subcommittee, or UCOC, review will be held until UCOC is in session, unless it is deemed necessary that a proposal needs to be reviewed immediately.
  • Minor course revisions that do not affect students or programs negatively or significantly will be considered until end of September. Major revisions continue to be implemented at the start of the upcoming academic year in the fall.

University Review Summary

1. Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) Review

Upon arrival in the CCO Review Folder, CCO has up to 10 working days (M-F) to review a proposal. First-come, first-serve.

Administrative actions are approved by CCO.

If a proposal is technically accurate and requires content review, the proposal is forwarded to subcommittee review.

2. Subcommittee Review

The subcommittee chair (with, or without, additional review) has up to 10 working days (M-F) to review a proposal. Subcommittee approval means that a proposal is approved.

3. Assignment of POST, or Minor, Codes to Approved Programs, Graduate Certificates and Minors

ONLINE programs (not graduate certificates) MUST obtain WASC approval after subcommittee approval. Contact Robin Romans, Robert Morley assigns POST and Minor Codes upon subcommittee, or WASC, approval. Contact Robin Morley,

4. Advertisement

ALL courses and minors MUST be approved by UCOC subcommittee; ALL programs and graduate certificates MUST receive a POST (after subcommittee approval), or WASC accreditation if online, BEFORE they are advertised by schools or departments. Announcement of various new courses, minors and programs should be coordinated with your own departments.

5. Catalogue Entry

Following the Catalogue Posting Schedule, the curriculum changes will be visible in the read-only, shibboleth-protected, Catalogue 2015/16 Preview,

6. Department Review

Following the Catalogue Posting Schedule, departments should review the Catalogue 2015/16 Preview,, to ensure that the approved curriculum changes have been made.