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USC Curriculum Coordination Office

Submission Timeline

The University Committee on Curriculum (UCOC) is scheduled to meet from 2-3:30 p. m. on the following Wednesdays:
October 2, November 6, December 4, January 15, February 5, March 5, April 2 and May 7.

Proposals for NEW programs, minors or courses must be accepted at the UCOC meeting and signed off by the Provost before your program, minor or course can be made available to students. New programs, minors and courses should not be advertised before they are approved.

The Curriculum Submission Timeline (pdf) offers dates to consider when submitting new proposals.

Proposals to REVISE programs, minors or courses must be submitted to the Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) at the latest by February 3 and accepted by UCOC on March 5 for the changes to appear in the official 2014-2015 Catalogue and the Fall 2014-2015 Schedule of Classes.

We encourage submissions in the FALL SEMESTER (September, October, November and December) for the following academic year.

IMPORTANT: Proposals returned due to omissions and inaccurate information may be delayed. Proposals submitted at the last minute may not make it through the revision/correction process in time for the applicable UCOC meeting.



Proposal Review Timeframe

  1. The members of the Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) have ten working days (M-F) to review.
  2. The UCOC subcommittee members have ten working days (M-F) to review.

New Proposals

New degree programs, new areas of emphasis within an existing program, and new dual or combined degrees must be approved by the Provost before they are sent to the CCO.

Online Proposals

New online programs or existing programs being converted to the online modality must be vetted by Associate Provost, Robin Romans prior to submittal to the CCO.

A special note for online programs from the Provost's Office:

USC degree programs offered through the online modality may require accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Failure to complete this process can damage the University's accreditation status. For more information concerning all new online programs, or existing programs being converted to the online modality, please contact USC's Accreditation Liaison Officer, Associate Provost Robin Romans.

Affected Departments

Approvals from Deans of Affected Departments must be attached before proposals can be accepted by the CCO. (Affected Departments and “sign-offs” are explained on page 16 of the Curriculum Handbook).


ALL programs, minors and courses MUST be accepted by UCOC and approved by the Provost before they can be advertised by schools or departments.