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USC Curriculum Coordination Office

Syllabus Suggestions

The following documents are intended as resource materials for developing syllabi. The Syllabus Template offers an outline of what the Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) and the subcommittee members look for in every syllabus. The Syllabus Reference offers more detailed information on each section included in the Syllabus Template. The Contact Hours Reference is a tool that the CCO recently adopted from the Scheduling Office. Required, minimum contact hours per units, per the week length of the course are calculated for you. The Checklist: Top 10 Syllabus Errors to Avoid is a good document to open once you think your syllabus is done and it's time to double-check your work. Much time is saved by not having to return proposals for technical errors, i.e. the contact hours matching on the CMS proposal and the attached syllabus, the grading breakdown not adding to 100%. (Yes, it happens many times!)

"Exemplar" syllabi are posted for your reference as well. Different formats and orders are used in the various syllabi, but they all contain the basic elements for which the CCO and UCOC reviews.