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FERPA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know if a student has requested that "Directory Information" not be disclosed?

A. The student's request to restrict "directory information" is reflected in SIS. Once the student's record has been flagged in SIS, displays of the student's record will appear with the message: "Student has requested that no information be released."

Q. Where can I get a copy of the law?

A. A full text of the law is available at:

Q. Why can't I get my son/daughter's grades/schedule? I'm paying the bills!

A. FERPA does not permit USC to release non-directory information without the signed consent of your child.

Q. How can I pay my son/daughter's account if you can't even tell me how much they owe?

A. Your child will either have to either verbally inform you about their financial account or they will have to provide a written consent authorizing you to receive and inspect their financial statements

Q. Can I have my directory information released to just my parents?

A. No, a student does not have the right to request non-disclosure to a particular person or group of persons.