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Glossary of Terms and Services


Examinations (Equivalency) - Equivalency examinations are given at the discretion of the academic unit to determine whether upper division transferred coursework may be applied as subject credit to the major requirements for the degree. Passing the examination does not provide additional unit credit. Contact the appropriate academic unit for specific details.

Examinations (Final) - When a final examination falls at a time that conflicts with a student's observance of a holy day, faculty members must accommodate a request for an alternate examination date at a time that does not violate the student's religious creed. A student must discuss a final examination conflict with the professor no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled examination date to arrange an acceptable alternate examination date. Refer to the Schedule of Classes under the heading "Schedule of Final Examinations."

Examinations (Placement) - Placement examinations determine the student's level of ability in order to establish the appropriate placement level in subjects such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and foreign languages. No unit credit is available. Refer to the USC Catalogue under the heading "Academic Policies" [Examinations].

Examinations (Subject Credit) - Special examinations for subject credit establish subject credit in a subject area in which the student is sufficiently prepared but in which no previous credit has been accepted or attempted toward the USC degree. Refer to: USC Catalogue, under the heading "Academic Policies" [Examinations].

Examinations (Writing) - Students who score below the specified level on the verbal portion of the SAT are required to take the University Writing Examination to determine if they must complete preparatory coursework before enrolling in Writing 140. Refer the USC Catalogue under the heading "Writing Program."

Exception to Residence - See Request for Exception to Residence.