Glossary Of Terms And Services


Late Fees - Fees assessed and added to existing charges as penalties for late payment. To avoid the assessment of late fees, students must register and settle their tuition, fees, housing, dining, and all other charges by the Friday before the beginning of (spring and fall) classes. Students who fail to register and settle their accounts will be assessed late fees in accordance with the following schedule:

First Week of Classes: $100
Second Week of Classes: $200
Third Week of Classes: $300

An additional $25 will be added to the $300 late fee for each week after the third week until all charges have been settled. Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve a student of his or her payment obligation.

Students whose checks are returned by a bank as unpaid or whose credit card authorizations are declined by the bank will be subject to the late fees described above until their accounts are paid. If a change of program or a petition action results in additional charges, it must be paid or deferred in full by the end of the week in which the change took place. If any portion remains unpaid, late fees will be assessed according to the schedule above.

Leave of Absence (Undergraduates) - A temporary withdrawal from the university, usually for no more than a semester, for personal reasons or as a result of being called to active military duty. The university has implemented a program to assist students who find it necessary to take a leave of absence from their studies at USC. This new procedure has been designed to ease the transition for students as they leave the university and as they make their eventual return.  Students who need more information or who wish to request a leave of absence should contact their academic advisors. Students may download the Leave of Absence Handbook by clicking here.

Limited Status - Limited status enrollment allows persons who have not been admitted to the university to take a limited number of courses at USC. The rules governing limited status enrollment are summarized in the USC Catalogue under "Academic Policies." Those wishing to enroll as limited status students must process their enrollment in person at the Registration Building (REG) on the University Park Campus or at KAM 110 at the Health Sciences Campus.

A one-time, non-refundable $100 processing fee is due at the time of registration. Students will receive registration materials and be directed to other appropriate offices to obtain departmental approvals if necessary. At the pre-baccalaureate level, a student who has been denied admission to USC is not eligible to register under limited status. At the post-baccalaureate level, the student cannot have been denied admission to the department. A student who has been academically disqualified from the university is ineligible to register under limited status. If a limited status student is subsequently admitted to regular standing, no more than the first 16 undergraduate or the first 12 graduate units taken through limited status enrollment may be applied toward a degree. Limited status students must settle their tuition and fees on the same day they register for classes or their enrollment will be canceled by the Registration department.

Lower Division - Courses numbered 100-299 and intended primarily for freshman and sophomores.