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Glossary of Terms and Services


Majors (Changing / Adding / Dropping) - Changing / Adding / Dropping - To add, change or drop your Major or Minor or Degree Objective, contact the school in which the program resides for the information and paperwork necessary for your application. You may also obtain the Major/Minor or Degree Objective form in the lobby of the Registration Building. The completed form must bear the signature of an authorized signer of the department and must be accompanied by a current photo ID (passport, driver's license, or student ID card). The process is typically completed within 2 to 3 business days.

Mandatory Advisement Requirement - A number of academic units require students to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration for a term. Students pursuing majors that require mandatory advisement will be denied registration until they have met with their academic advisor and the advisor has released their advisement obligation, using the process APA.U.SAD. Do not confuse the Mandatory Advisement Requirement with Holds/Restrictions.

Memorandum of Interpretation (MOI) - A document which lists courses taken through a USC overseas studies program or exchange program, along with the USC credit they receive. The Articulation Office produces the MOI based on a transcript from the institution where courses were taken.  Courses listed on an MOI are shown on the USC transcript with a letter "O" after them (e.g., SPAN-300O). They are considered to be taken in residency at USC.

Minors (Changing/Adding/Dropping) - In addition to majors and degrees, many academic units offer minor programs. Applications to add, or requests to drop a minor, must be made to the department or professional school. An appropriate endorsement must appear on a Change/Addition of Major or Minor Degree Objective form. Completion of the minor program will be noted on the academic transcript. See the USC Catalogue under the heading "Academic Policies" [Undergraduate and Degree Programs].

Missing Grade (MG) - The mark of MG is an administrative mark assigned when an instructor fails to correctly submit a final course grade for a student. An instructor should never assign a grade of MG except in cases involving plagiarism or cheating during the final examination period. To resolve a MG notation, contact the Grades Department at (213) 740-9230 or via email at

MOI - See Memorandum of Interpretation.